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8 Ways To Help Manage Your Remote Team In 2021

Ensure that your teams have the digital tools they need to stay connected and provide norms for how those tools are ideally used. To help, here are nine useful rules to manage and support your team remotely. The COVID-19 pandemic forced the closure of many offices, and even as we see the virus waning, companies are still allowing their workforces to stay at home, creating management challenges to overcome. Freedom is a coveted luxury, a loaded word, and even sometimes feels like a seemingly impossible thing to achieve. What I’ve found running a 100% remote company that holds freedom as a value is that freedom needs to be built upon a solid foundation.

effectively managing a remote team

Adding to the last point, effective teams take every opportunity to learn. This boils down to everyday interactions and reframing failures with realizations and takeaways. Remote leaders know blame and shame can poison a team’s psychological safety. They focus on key learnings, address trends, and focus on levers of change.

How Do You Effectively Lead While Remote?

It’s not very helpful to have weekly video conference calls with gritty webcam pictures and garbled audio. Nor can your employees maximize their productivity on new, cutting edge tools without appropriate training. Take note that maintaining the accuracy of these work productivity tools requires assistance. Therefore, you must outsource professionally trained staff to ensure that you’re utilizing these tools at their highest capabilities. If your discharge from your employment violates public policy, then you have the right to act against your former employer for wrongful termination. Andrew Tillery is the Marketing Director at MAP Communications, a leading provider ofphone answering servicesand call center solutions for some of America’s finest companies.

As a business owner, you should always remind your team leaders not to assign too much workload to each staff. Shortened deadlines may build up unnecessary pressure on your employees, which may hinder them from submitting quality work outputs. This strategy helps in easy information transfer within different departments. Moreover, having a team lead lessens the time you’ll spend meeting the entire team. That foundation is bound to look and feel different and unique to each individual. However, it generally involves some level of habit, practice, commitment and consistency, which are found when you are clear on your values and you put them first.

How To Manage Remote Teams

Hailing from Oregon and having spent several years in Washington, Andrew has a damp, green place in his heart for the Pacific Northwest no matter where he goes. When he is not in front of a computer, he’s fueling his passions for sports and the outdoors, or recovering from those activities at the best brewery in whatever town he’s in. No, all of our programs are 100 percent online, and available to participants regardless of their location. Matt Gavin is a member of the marketing team at Harvard Business School Online.

effectively managing a remote team

I also make time to have one-on-ones with every team member to ensure we all stay connected and that I can continue learning more about what each employee values and why. One day, many managers woke up and discovered that they now suddenly managed a team of remote employees. Effective remote workforce management is a critical component for success, but some management techniques are more effective than others. Unfortunately, this personal connection between managers and their employees can seem unattainable in the remote working world we now live in.

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When overseeing a global, dispersed team, it’s critical to be cognizant of cultural differences and facilitate an inclusive environment. Empathy is a major driver of work performance and a foundational element of emotional intelligence. In a survey by PwC, 83 percent of professionals said purpose brings meaning to their daily work. The exponential growth of remote work is changing how many businesses operate. The simple principle of assuming positive intent reframes our fight or flight mechanisms and allows us to pause and clarify.

Opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not reflect the views of Rolling Stone editors or publishers. After submitting your application, you should receive an email confirmation from HBS Online. If you do not receive this email, please check your junk email folders and double-check your account to make sure the application was successfully submitted. Take time zone differences into account, and strive to be aware of important holidays and days of observance. Research shows that only about half of all professionals understand what’s expected of them at work, which can be detrimental to their engagement and commitment levels.

Take Charge Of Team Bonding

Entrepreneurs and virtual staff can all stay on track wherever they work by equipping remote teams with new specialized tools. Evaluating the progress of your remote team members is an excellent way to start your organizational guideline revision. This strategy plays an essential role in analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the previous and present remote team management. Therefore, you must track the existing communication guidelines to sustain organizational productivity while the team remotely works effectively. When working remotely, it can sometimes be difficult to find motivation and intention to put behind different tasks. The same goes for the practice of one-to-one meetings in a remote setting.

While you’re discussing communication preferences, also spend some time considering how frequently you plan to check in. Nobody likes to be micromanaged, but it’s easy to fall out of the loop if you’re not talking with colleagues each day. Not every communication needs to be formal or even on topic – even general chit chat about how the remote work situation is going can be enough to elicit important information you might not otherwise hear. Employee empowerment is an essential ingredient of successful, high-trust teams. According to a report by Great Place to Work, organizations with trust-based cultures have higher levels of innovation, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and agility. Corporate LearningHelp your employees master essential business concepts, improve effectiveness, and expand leadership capabilities.

A successful result-focused approach also ensures that team members are aware of the consequences of their failure to provide results. For example, missing the deadline could be an unacceptable action that can lead to real consequences. Whether it’s training, software, or improvements to the equipment they use every day, having the right tools will make your team stand out. In addition to communications software, your team will need established expectations and rules to prevent communication chaos. Providing standard protocols, such as the expected response time for replying to an email or instant message, as these kinds of communication rules help reduce a false sense of urgency. And of course, you’ll want to provide a standard operating procedure for communicating when something is actually urgent.

These productivity apps are innovating the work processes to ensure efficient fulfillment of tasks even without much supervision. You can even export your trello data to excel by Coupler.io to blend information from different systems in one place. Erin provides leadership for the new LYRASIS Research and Innovation Division. The Division serves as a home for the Leaders Circle, Leaders Forums, and the Catalyst Fund, as well as, consulting services, our very successful grant writing team, and our industry research team. Previously, Erin served as the Director of the DuraSpace Community Support Programs Division at LYRASIS and as the Executive Director of DuraSpace. She has a background working with academic, scientific, cultural, technology, and research communities, stewarding community-supported technology, implementation of digital repositories and archives, and business development.

Invest In Employee Development

Even the most experienced of managers can find themselves in over their heads when transitioning to remote work. It’s impossible to perfect the art of virtual management overnight, which is why it’s important to solicit feedback from your colleagues. Provide quick pulse surveys early and often, especially when undertaking a new project. They can help shed light on how you’re doing as a manager and provide insight into any potential speed bumps that might be waiting down the line. Once in the same virtual space together, you can pitch opportunities for teamwork.

She’s a member of the Research Data Canada Infrastructure Committee and the OpenAIRE Advisory Board. As a business leader, a key portion of your responsibility is ensuring that your team feels emotionally and physically safe. Although you can’t always control the latter when your employees are fully remote, you can continue to foster an internal company culture that promotes and prioritizes the emotional safety of its employees.

After understanding how virtual teams work, create a training program for your employees. This technique includes welcoming and orienting your remote staff by Managing a Remote Team designing a presentation that provides individual roles. Since managing remote teams is challenging, you can take online courses to sustain your guidelines.

39% reported that they use a combination of Agile and Waterfall, 18% used many different styles within a single project, and 17% operate with no established methodology at all. From 2005 to 2019, the number of employees working remotely grew by some 216 percent, more than 11 times that of the rest of the U.S.’s workforce, according to findings from Global Workplace Analytics. At the height of the pandemic, more than two-thirds of U.S.-based employees worked from home. In managing your remote employees, you may find yourself interacting with people who are from various countries and backgrounds. By entrusting your employees with important projects and involving them in key organizational processes, you show that you value their contributions and can develop a more robust working relationship. Transparency is among the essential communication skills every leader needs.

effectively managing a remote team

You can’t see if teammates are working across the room or scrolling on LinkedIn. Even with a baseline of trust, it can be tempting to re-emphasize expectations just in case. Instead, the best managers helped their teammates prioritize their todos and left their DMs open in case they needed help. Remote onboarding can be a daunting task, especially when you never meet face-to-face. Effective managers always took the opportunity to lay out the virtual welcome mat and emphasize community. They paired new teammates with buddies, outlined everyone’s work-with-me guides, and ensured documentation was clear and concise.

One way Sadeghi thinks organizations can prevent this is by hosting regular mental health check-ins with team members. Having this culture in place and making your employees feel heard and cared for will undoubtedly improve their experience and by extension, their work. It’s hard to get on the same page if you and your team aren’t even reading the same book. A large part of managing remote teams is ensuring your remote employees know exactly what your expectations are. For instance, you’ll want to let them know how often to check in, whether you’d prefer them to touch base before the end of each work day, and whether or not they should be tracking their time. Some managers expect updates from individual employees on a daily basis, while others prefer a weekly check-in.

Enabling Your Remote Team To Succeed

If one of your employees wants to bolster their business skills, for example, suggest that they consider taking an online course and outline some of the ways doing so can position them to advance their career. To instill purpose among your employees, provide concrete examples of how their collective efforts advance important organizational objectives. When doing so, employ the principles of the “Commander’s Intent,” a concept that’s detailed in Management Essentials and serves as a means of unifying individuals around a goal. When communicating a key initiative, such as organizational change, fully explain the rationale behind why certain decisions were made, and invite your employees to ask questions. Doing so can help you ensure everyone is one the same page and build a stronger foundation of trust.

During your check-ins with individual employees, look for areas of recognition. Ask what barriers they have overcome and ways that peers have helped them. It’ll be easy to identify elements to acknowledge, thank, and share the accomplishments of teams and their individual members. It’s easy to throw out compliments when you’re seeing colleagues in the office every day. Effective recognition can motivate the employee and send a clear message to other workers that their behaviors should be emulated. Acknowledgement doesn’t need to be monetary; public recognition, tokens of appreciation, and professional development opportunities all send a clear sign that you value your employees.

  • Lean on virtual tools to ease the initial hesitation or awkwardness and prioritize flexibility in the way the work itself is performed.
  • By entrusting your employees with important projects and involving them in key organizational processes, you show that you value their contributions and can develop a more robust working relationship.
  • When it comes to managing remote hybrid teams, there are many challenges for a leader to consider.
  • For example, if you place greater value on habits of self-care, such as daily fitness exercises, diet regimens and nourishment, these habits create a foundation of freedom based upon physical health.
  • Innovation and productivity are two of the essential traits of any remote worker, as they can often positively influence the overall results of the team.

Beyond delegating tasks to your employees, support their professional development and assist them with goal-setting. Purpose can have a profound impact on individual, team, and business performance. According to research by Google, setting a team vision is one of the top behaviors of high-performing managers. Leverage videoconferencing tools, such as Zoom and UberConference, to create opportunities for face time with your team.

Business Insights

Since you already understand how isolation can negatively affect the productivity of your employees, you must find ways to provide emotional support. As an entrepreneur, you shouldn’t just focus on the welfare of your potential customers. Instead, you must invest in the dynamic agility of your internal employees.

Provide Your Team With Tools To Succeed

The majority of companies have weathered indefinite work-from-home for almost a year now. Productivity has thrived in the pandemic with 94% of employers reporting the same or higher productivity than before 2020. With the anniversary of COVID-19 and cases still on the rise, remote work is less of a temporary experiment and more of a strategy https://globalcloudteam.com/ for the future. Effective communication is required to get work done, whether your team is spread across multiple floors or multiple time zones. Good communication doesn’t happen magically, but rather has to be carefully and thoughtfully planned. Consider new practices to incorporate into daily routines for better collaboration.

If you feel like you need to track every click of your employees’ mice, you might want to take a step back and reconsider why that is. In response to the plethora of uncertainties caused by COVID-19, many organizations asked their employees to work remotely in 2020. The temporary fix became a permanent solution, with all the perks and challenges that come with remote work. Whether you miss the office or are looking forward to permanently working from home, there is no denying the struggles that come with managing a team remotely. Across our data, managers brought up that the biggest factors affecting team moods were often completely out of anyone’s control.

This is another place where she cites her “red, yellow, green” method, but in a professional way. “As a good manager you have to understand how you’re delegating tasks,” she said. At Ginni Media, my managers, employees and I have regular weekly team meetings and department meetings scheduled throughout each week.

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